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Elevate Your Employee Benefits with G Force
G Force Health & Recovery logo, representing Gaylord Insurance's dedicated health and recovery insurance program.
Showcasing the essence of G Force Health & Recovery program by Gaylord Insurance, dedicated to health and recovery insurance.
G Force Health & Recovery logo, representing Gaylord Insurance's dedicated health and recovery insurance program.
Introducing G Force

Introducing G Force Health and Recovery, an exclusive healthcare management tool offered by Gaylord Insurance. Specifically designed for our P&C and Group Health Benefit clients, G Force represents a major differentiator in managing and reducing healthcare costs for your business. This innovative program provides a competitive edge, allowing you to offer enhanced healthcare benefits while controlling costs effectively.

Illustrative graphic showing the impact of G Force on reducing healthcare costs, highlighting financial benefits.

G Force’s Impact on Healthcare Costs 

G Force is revolutionizing the way employers manage health premiums, with our clients seeing an average reduction of 25% in costs.

By leveraging a competitive healthcare marketplace and personalized concierge services, G Force ensures you access pre-negotiated rates for healthcare services, translating into direct savings for your business and your employees.

Team of professionals collaborating in a business environment, symbolizing the collaborative & supportive approach of G Force
Image depicting the advantages G Force offers to employers, focusing on enhanced health and recovery support.

Why Choose G Force for Your Business 

The Employer Advantage with G Force 

As a Gaylord Insurance client, utilizing G Force places your business at the forefront of healthcare management.

Not only does it enhance your employee benefits package, but it also demonstrates a proactive approach in addressing healthcare costs, a key concern in today's business landscape.

Choosing G Force means opting for a transparent and efficient approach to healthcare. It aligns with your goal of providing quality health care to your employees while managing the financial bottom line.

Our program is a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses in healthcare management.

Ready to Optimize Your Business's Healthcare Strategy with G Force?

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