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Savor the Safety: Comprehensive Insurance for Your Restaurant Business

Comprehensive Coverage for Restaurants: Gaylord Insurance's Customized Solutions

From the exquisite elegance of Fine Dining establishments, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Bakeries, the bustling vibe of Coffee Shops, to the sweet charm of Donut Shops, the restaurant industry is as diverse as it is dynamic.

Each eatery type, be it a sophisticated bistro, a trendy café, a family-style diner, or a delightful Ice Cream Parlor, faces unique risks and challenges. These establishments all require tailored insurance solutions that protect not just their physical premises but also the heart and soul of their culinary experience.

Our specialized policies are crafted to ensure your hard work and passion are safeguarded, no matter the type of your establishment. Explore our bespoke insurance options tailored for every culinary space, and discover how we can help your restaurant business thrive safely and securely.

Eligibility Criteria for Restaurant Insurance

At Gaylord Insurance, we understand the diverse coverage needs of different restaurant types. While Fine Dining Locations are catered to as a Middle Market submission and are CPP (Commercial Package Policy) Eligible, all other restaurant types are eligible for our Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). Here's a detailed breakdown of our eligibility criteria:


Here’s what you need to know:

1. Business Experience and Longevity

  • We value your experience in the restaurant industry.

  • Eligibility consideration requires details about your years in business.


2. Financial Parameters

  • Total Insurance Value (TIV) Maximum: Coverage up to $7,500,000.

  • Maximum Gross Sales: Up to $10,000,000.


3. Liquor Liability

  • Liquor liability coverage is available and can be included in your policy.

4. Delivery and Catering Services

  • Delivery services are not generally covered unless outsourced to a third party.

  • Catering services are acceptable, provided they constitute less than 20% of total sales.


5. Food Truck Operations

  • Food trucks are eligible for coverage if associated with a physical restaurant location.

6. Gaming Facilities

  • Gaming is acceptable with the proper security measures in place.

Next Steps: Providing Owner Details
To proceed with your insurance quote, please provide detailed information about the restaurant owner(s), including contact details and relevant experience in the restaurant industry.

Get in Touch and Request a Quote

Ready to take the next step towards securing comprehensive insurance for your restaurant? We're here to guide you through every aspect of the process and provide you with tailored insurance solutions that meet your unique needs.

Requesting a Quote? Here’s What We Need:

To provide you with an accurate and customized quote, please prepare the following information about your restaurant:

  1. Business Details: Name, address, and type of restaurant (e.g., Fine Dining, Bakery, Coffee Shop, etc.).

  2. Years in Business: How long your restaurant has been operating.

  3. Financial Information: Your Total Insurance Value (TIV), annual gross sales, and any relevant financial documentation.

  4. Current Insurance Coverage: Details of any existing insurance policies.

  5. Specific Needs: Information on any special requirements such as liquor liability, food delivery services, food truck operations, or gaming facilities.

  6. Owner Details: Information about the restaurant owner(s), including contact details and experience in the industry.


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