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Emergency services vehicles protected under Gaylord Insurance's municipal coverage.
Municipal Insurance Solutions for Safe and Efficient Public Services

Customized Coverage for Public Entities and Municipal Operations

Who We Serve

Gaylord Insurance specializes in municipal insurance solutions, offering comprehensive coverage for counties, cities, towns, townships, parishes, and villages. We understand the unique needs of each public entity, from managing city infrastructure to safeguarding township communities.


Our dedicated team is committed to providing tailored insurance options that protect and support the diverse operations of municipalities across regions. Whether you're overseeing a bustling city or nurturing a small village, our insurance services are designed to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Discover the range of municipal entities we insure.

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Protecting the Foundations of Our Communities
Municipalities are responsible for a vast range of public services and infrastructure. From city buildings and public parks to community events and public safety operations, the scope of potential risks is broad. Our municipality insurance policies are crafted to cover these diverse needs, offering protection against property damage, liability claims, public official errors and omissions, and more.
A Comprehensive Approach to Risk Management

Our insurance solutions for municipalities include:

Property and Casualty Insurance

Protects municipal properties and assets.

Workers' Compensation

Well-being of municipal employees.

Public Officials Liability

For decisions made by public officials.

Group Health Benefits

Empowering Employee Wellness  

Liability Coverage

Shields against 3rd party legal claims.

Law Enforcement Liability

Specifically for police departments.

Cyber Liability

Protecting data and digital infrastructure. 

City Hall covered by Gaylord Insurance's comprehensive municipal insurance plans.
Expertise in Municipal Risk Management
With years of experience in providing insurance to public entities, Gaylord Insurance brings expertise in risk assessment and policy customization. Our team stays abreast of the latest regulatory changes and risks facing municipalities, ensuring that your coverage is up-to-date and comprehensive.
Tailored Insurance Solutions for Municipalities
At Gaylord Insurance, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by municipalities. Our specialized insurance solutions are designed to safeguard public entities, from small towns to large cities, against a wide array of risks. Ensuring the safety and stability of your community is our top priority.
City Workers Sewerage

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