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You Can Count on Us

Robert C. Gaylord


Rob Gaylord is the President of The Gaylord Insurance Agency & G-Force. Rob has two kids age 17 & 8. His oldest is heading to Ohio Unvisersity on a wrestling scholarship and the youngest is into baseball & wrestling. He has over 17 years in the insurance industry. Rob Gaylord started The Gaylord Insurance Agency & G-Force because he saw a need for program business in tougher industries. He currently runs an exclusive pallet manufacturing program, trucking program and a MAIZE program that insures corn farms, pumpkin patches and haunted houses. His goal for his agency is to keep building niche program business and have each producer focus on specific industries. 

Jeff Westphal

Jeff photo.jpg

Jeff Westphal is a Producer/Risk Manager for the Gaylord Insurance Agency focusing on the construction, agricultural and education industries, along with many other verticals.  Jeff is married with 4 children that are high school and college ages, living in Illinois and Iowa.  Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Jeff started a career in the construction industry that included multiple roles in sales, finance and accounting that spanned over 30 plus years with United States Gypsum Co.  Jeff joined the Gaylord Insurance Agency after 30 years with the same company and is excited to be part of the growth of a very reputable and successful agency that provides its customers with insurance solutions that always fit their needs.

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