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Specialized Insurance for Libraries: Protecting Your Knowledge Hubs

Gaylord Insurance: Your Partner in Protecting the Heart of Your Community

This image showcases a peaceful library setting, where Gaylord Insurance ensures the protection and continuity of such vital community resources.
Specialized Insurance for Libraries: Protecting Your Knowledge Hubs

At Gaylord Insurance, we recognize that libraries are more than just buildings housing books; they are vibrant community centers, hubs of learning, and guardians of knowledge. Whether you manage a rural, suburban, public, or specialized library, our tailored insurance solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your institution.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Endorsements: Tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of libraries, including public, special, medical, law, and research libraries.

  • Flexible Policy Options: Choose from a range of coverage options to suit your library's unique requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection against various risks.

  • Enhanced Property Coverage: Our policies safeguard against physical damage to library buildings, contents, and special collections.

Library Solutions Covering:



Safeguarding building structures, contents, including appurtenant structures and temporary locations.

Library Assets


Policies protect books, audio books, DVDs, electronic media, fine arts, bookmobiles, computer programs, and media equipment.



Comprehensive protection for officers, trustees, and volunteers, encompassing defense coverage for nonmonetary damages and issues like book censorship.

Risk Management

Offering resources beyond insurance coverage, like online training and discounts on safety supplies, to mitigate potential losses.



Providing broad digital protection, including coverage for data compromise, cyber extortion, and network security liabilities.

Optional Specialty Coverages for Library Insurance
  1. Library Protector Endorsement:  Customizable coverage for additional locations and unique library assets, ensuring comprehensive protection across all branches and facilities.

  2. Data Processing Coverage:  Safeguards data processing equipment, computer programs, and associated extra expenses, crucial in today’s digital-first environment.

  3. Fine Arts Coverage: Specialized insurance for art pieces and exhibits, essential for libraries with valuable collections and exhibitions.

  4. Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage: Offers financial stability and coverage for unexpected closures or disruptions, maintaining operational continuity.

  5. Employee Theft Coverage: Protects against losses due to employee dishonesty, a critical safeguard for public and private libraries.

  6. Key Employee Replacement Expenses: Provides financial support for costs associated with replacing essential staff members, ensuring smooth operational transitions.

  7. Enhanced Identity Coverage: Offers robust protection against identity theft and related risks, increasingly important in the digital age.

  8. Identity Recovery:  Available specifically for head and assistant librarians, aiding in recovery from identity theft incidents.

  9. Crisis Event Protection:  Covers loss of income and unbudgeted expenses resulting from crises, including medical and funeral expenses, providing a safety net during unexpected events.

  10. Library Property Floater:  Extensive coverage for library materials like books, audio books, DVDs, and electronic media, including unique preservation methods post-loss.

  11. Legal Liability Coverage: Similar to Directors & Officers insurance, this provides broad protection for library leadership, including defense coverage for nonmonetary damages and suits like book censorship issues.

  12. Bonds: Offers a range of necessary bonds, including Public Official Bonds, Notary Bonds, and more, fulfilling various legal and operational requirements.

Capturing a moment of discovery in a library, this image reflects Gaylord Insurance's commitment to safeguarding these essential educational resources.
Risk Management and Support Services
Our team at Gaylord Insurance doesn’t just provide policies; we offer a partnership. We assist in risk management and offer support services tailored to the library sector. This includes regular assessments, training, and guidance on best practices to mitigate risks.
Tailored Solutions for Diverse Library Environments
Whether it's a rural or suburban setting, each library faces its own set of challenges. From managing digital assets to protecting historical manuscripts, our policies are crafted to address the specific needs of your library.

Ready to Safeguard Your Library's Future?
Connect with us at Gaylord Insurance to explore how our specialized library insurance solutions can provide the protection your library deserves. Visit Gaylord Insurance - Library Insurance Solutions or contact us for a detailed consultation.

Get in Touch for a Customized Insurance Solution
Ready to ensure your library's future is as secure as the knowledge it holds? Contact Gaylord Insurance today for a personalized consultation and discover how our specialized library insurance solutions can bring peace of mind to your institution.

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